Front End



TRADOLOGIC’s binary trading platform BINARIXTM  is a quick and easily customizable front end with an emphasis on customer’s experience. The front end provides a lightweight, high-performance solution for web-based trading or for any mobile platform specialized in binary options.

TRADOLOGIC also provides a desktop application which allows operators as well their clients to addon plugins such as Bots, Signals and other applications.


TRADOLOGIC provides a custom-made front-end as well as customizable platforms designed to suit the individual business needs of operators including:

  • Payout Display: Allows users to choose between Decimal/European (1.80), Fractional/UK (4/5), Moneyline/American (-125) and  Return (80%)
  • Dynamic Payout: Allows traders to choose the structure of payout and payback.
  • High/Low Risk: Suitable for speculators – provides greater payout against greater risk.
  • Variety of Assets: more than 80 different exchanges and more than 500 individual financial instruments to choose from.
  • Multi Browser: Windows (IE), Mac (Safari), Linux with Chrome.
  • Multi-currency
  • Multi-language
  • Multi-time zone support


TRADOLOGIC’s Front End including variety of features to improve user experience and increase user value including:

  • Variety of Skins
  • Variety of Options Types
  • Variety of Trading Tools
  • Variety of Unique Features
  • Added-value Widgets
  • Bots & Signals Plug-ins

Web Trading

TRADOLOGIC provides a wide variety of excellent website design layouts and customizable website skins designed to suit each operator’s individual taste and need.

Our web trading is lightweight, high-performance and supports all browsers: Windows (IE), Mac (Safari), Linux with Chrome.



TRADOLOGIC’s highly agile  binary trading platform has been developed for all mobile devices and mobile operating systems. TRADOLOGIC provides both a native application as well as  a mobile website for all mobile devices.



Desktop Application

The Desktop Trading Platform possesses numerous advantages. Along with the easiness and convenience of trading from one’s own desktop, the constant presence of the platform’s icon on the desktop reminds the user to trade and make greater trading volumes. The platform also allows user alerts by operator’s request in case of special events.
By using the TRADOLOGIC API, operators can customize and build their own unique branded desktop trading platform. TRADOLOGIC also gives them the ability to integrate Signals plugin and Bot systems.



Option Types

TRADOLOGIC offers a broad spectrum of financial products for both casual and professional traders, on an easy-to-use and friendly web-based platform.
The following types of investment are currently available:






Traders determine whether the price of an asset will move above or below a predetermined strike price by the time of expiration.




Touch/No Touch
Traders predict if a financial asset will touch or not a predetermined price any time before the time of expiration.




Touch Up/Down
Traders predict if a financial asset will touch a predetermined higher or lower price any time before the time of expiration.




Boundary (In/Out)
Traders predict if an asset will expire in or out of a predetermined range. Range options are also known as Tunnel or Boundary options.




Binary 100
Binary Contracts
Traders predict if an event will happen (BUY) and profit the difference between the purchase price and 100 or if an event will not happen (SELL) and profit the contract price.




Turbo (1 min., 2 min., 5 min., 5 ticks, 15 sec., 30 sec.)

Traders have the option to choose a predetermined expiration time of  60 sec., 2 min., 5 min., 5 ticks, 15 sec. or 30 sec.




MultiX (Triple)
Traders can execute 3, 6 or 9 trades simultaneously and through parlay trading to capitalize on triangulated asset correlation.





Short-term trading, that visually resembles a bingo table. Traders use a table to predict how much the asset price will change in a certain period of time.



Trading Tools


TRADOLOGIC offers a broad array of supplementary trading tools which help to enrich the trading experience by providing additional means to decrease risk and increase profit.
Currently we provide the following types of investment:



Enables traders to stop an option before it expires and realize their profits or curb their losses.




Extend (Roll Over)
Enables traders to extend the expiration time of a particular option.




Traders can increase investment on an open option which looks poised to make a profit and receive a double payout on expiry, if the prediction was correct.




Traders can purchase a type of insurance policy which, if a particular contract expires ‘out of the money’, guarantees a refund of the original investment.




Allows changing the strike rate for an already opened position.


Advanced Features


The TRADOLOGIC platform is equipped with cutting-edge technology and advanced trading tools, which allow Binary Option players to enjoy levels of control and risk management that are comparable to those found in professional FOREX and equities trading.





Users select the number of trades and every profit is added to the invest amount in the next trade. The auto-trade continues until one of the trades is incorrect or all the trades are executed successfully.





Pending order that begins to function as a normal option only once a certain price level is reached before expiration.




Leverage Option

Users trade binary options on margin in order to increase the potential payout.




Signal Trading

Traders use signals to trade regular options. These signals show the strength and direction of the market.




Advanced Charts

Variety of advanced charts that include different chart types, chart indicators, zoom function, time frames and others.



Trado 24/7

It allows the end users to place trades during the weekends, as well as on holidays.



Trading contest between traders competing for overall prize. Attract more clients and increase your volume by creating a Binary Tournament.

Value-Added Widgets

TRADOLOGIC’s Value-Added Widgets improve thoroughly the conversion and retention rates, giving the end user information and motivation needed for an increase in trading volume.


Trader Segment Analysis

Analytical tool which performs thorough analysis on different trader segments to obtain a better understanding of trader behavior and trading patterns.



A sophisticated widget providing a variety of statistical data to allow traders to analyze their individual trading activity.


User Notification

A varied and comprehensive user notification system allowing a dynamic and interactive trading process.


My Performance

An advanced widget providing the opportunity to analyze individual performance and enhance personal trading experience.


Assets Performance

A widget which gives the ability to analyze the performance of different assets in order to optimize trading and increase volume.


TRADOLOGIC’s platform provides a wide variety of superior design layouts and skins customizable to suit each operator’s individual taste and need.

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